Choose a watch strap as appropriate.

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Watches are accessories that many people often wear. to tell time Or wear it to match your lifestyle. Watches are always a simple and classy accessory. But every time you wear it, you don’t just choose the type of watch or the beauty of the case. How to wear a watch is also something that should not be overlooked. 

For choosing a watch strap and watch strap size to suit yourself. It is an important technique that you should pay close attention to because the watch strap that is right for you depends on It will enhance your wrists to look outstanding and make your wrists look slimmer and more pleasing to the touch.

Stainless steel watch

Watches with stainless steel straps or titanium straps are suitable for those who like a formal look. I like the neat and stylish look. The advantage of stainless steel watches is that they are durable and can be exposed to water without fear. But it is ยูฟ่าเบท heavier than leather straps and more durable. Get a neater and more luxurious look. Most importantly, it can be exposed to water, but the price is higher than other types of.

Metal strap watches

If you want durability and durable and strong The metal strap watch is number one. Gives a look that looks formal and polite. very much But it may not be suitable for women with small, slender or too thin wrists. Because the metal strap watch It has a larger size and weight than other types and may be heavy on the wrist, When wearing.

leather strap watch

leather strap watch Period to promote your image Get a classy, ​​luxurious look. With its classic leather strap, it’s suitable for those who like simple elegance and style. For choosing a leather strap watch You should choose to buy a strap that is soft and comfortable to wear. and has a texture that is not too hard In order not to let that leather strap It can harm our skin when worn for a long time. And for those who want to wear a leather strap watch It is recommended to avoid contact with water. or doing activities that easily cause sweat Because it will make the watch strap There can be dampness.

Silicone strap watch 

It will be the lightest. For some of you You may like a look that is cheeky, sporty, and can go anywhere. Therefore, a rubber or silicone strap watch is the most suitable for you. Importantly, the size of the watch strap. Simple, can be easily wiped clean Suitable for casual days like Everyday Look, slightly less formal. And of course, the advantage of this type of strap is excellent water resistance.

Fabric Strap Watches 

Fabric strap watches are a little less popular. But for those who like comfort, a little formality and want to be able to match with every look. You must try this type of cable. But the lifespan of the strap may not be as durable as other types, although the strap can be removed and washed for cleaning yourself. But the color of the strap may fade over time.