Danger signs: The body lacks Calcium

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Among the various nutrients and nutritional sources There is another mineral that is extremely necessary for the body. Its role is to build bone mass. and slow down corrosion while strengthening the internal body structure. Or it’s our body, no matter what age. They all need minerals like calcium.

We all know that calcium is an extremely important mineral that helps build strong bones and teeth. But because we cannot see the bones in the body (If you don’t count the teeth), therefore many people neglect to add to the body. When I realized it again Bone mass that has always been hard. Instead, he sent out a signal, indicating that he had seen worrisome symptoms.

Danger signs Calcium deficiency in the body

When you have insomnia Restless, tired, drowsy. Fatigue for โปรโมชั่น ufabet no apparent reason Most people don’t even think about calcium deficiency. Although there are risks If it continues, it may cause harm to the functioning of the brain system and other health problems.

Groups at risk for calcium deficiency

Females are at higher risk of calcium deficiency than males. Especially pregnant women and menopausal women. Pregnant women need a lot of their baby’s growth. And women who have gone through menopause need calcium to replace bone loss due to decreased hormones in the body. For some women, they will have unusually severe abdominal cramps. Especially during menstruation deficiency may also be one cause.

Prevents calcium deficiency

alcium deficiency can be prevented by

  • Check your body regularly
  • Exercise and get light sunlight in the morning to increase the efficiency of vitamin D synthesis that will help absorb calcium for the body.
  • Avoid risk factors such as smoking, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and extremely salty foods.
  • Choose foods that are naturally high in calcium. Including green leafy vegetables Milk or milk products group and various food groups such as nuts.

If you are allergic to cow’s milk, choosing to drink almond milk regularly can help increase the amount of calcium in your body very well. It is also suitable for elderly people who have problems with chewing and digestion. Currently, almond milk is produced in UHT boxes that can be drunk immediately. Just choose a product that uses a natural process of squeezing fresh whole beans. This is a method that still preserves natural nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Do not use bean powder or leavening agent. By observing and comparing the amount of nutrients that the body receives from consuming the side of the box. These methods will help reduce the risk of calcium deficiency symptoms.